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You’d think VRMMOs would be banned or something after thousands of people fucking died because of the Sword Art Online game in the first season.


 there has never been a good piece of fiction about “getting sucked into a video game”.

 all of it is crap.

Captain N sucked, Tron sucked, Sword Art ONline sucked, BTOOM! sucked, Log Horizon sucked, No Game No Life sucked

 just stop writing this shit, it’s stupid.






atlus please…. pull the plug… you don’t underknow what you’re doing… he’s in pain…. no more persona 4…..

I tried watching it and I’m pissed it literally is the same anime with one new character! They’re just taking advantage of the fans to double the money from it.

please be quiet he needs his rest I know these are hard times be strong

You know their doing golden to redo the anime and better, right?

There’s also more shit included in golden other than just Marie.

I don’t see you complaining about Kingdom Hearts’ millions of games so just get out. Thank.

please… he so skressed… can’t take more… need to rest in peaces… atlus is in needing of the pulling of the plug… yu need shh time… shut the fuck up because this is the most obvious joke post in the existence of all of tumblr jesus CHRIST you stupid fucker and why even bring up kingdom hearts when literally nobody has mentioned it omfg 

 it can’t be that worse than Devil Survivor 2

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